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What people are saying about Thom's Music!

"Hi Thom, I have been listening to your music and I have to say it's hard to pick a favorite! If I had to pick-Sweet Music Tonight. You have an impeccable voice and great instrumental that blends well and compliments your voice."
Tyler B.
VP Best of Bands

"Dear Thom Meinert and Lighthouse Records, I just had to write your label and express my feelings about your music. My iPod is loaded with songs, but when your music comes on, I am in such aww of your great music, and most of all your voice, in delivering these songs. We can't wait for the completion of your CD. Thank you for your beautiful songs and music."-- God Bless-Roslyn and fans from New York


"Thom, It's great to hear someone who truly loves "Music" with such passion as you. It's nice to know that someone still writes and sings from the heart. Good luck in all your future endeavors. I can't wait for you to go mainstream, so that everyone can hear the "Truth" in music. " -- Al W.

"Love your style. Give you 5. God Bless You Brother," -- Ray P.

"Man...you have a good sound...enjoyed listening to your work!! 5" -- Gerald P.

"Really Nice sound You Have. Best of wishes for your future and your music. Solid Sound for sure." -- Duane P. Creesy Creek Music Nashville BMI USA

"You have that good ole' traditional country sound going. I like that!" -- Only in Dixieland

"Great job!" -- Southern Girl

"Nice guitar picking man! Great job singing! What can I say?? Great songs! Awesome!" -- Rob

"Good sound. Nice voice. Keep it up." -- Beloved Music Ministries

"Good songs! God Bless!" -- David Roberts

"Nice, keep on truck'n, cowboy O.R." -- Open Range

"FINALLY, someone who isn\'t trying to re-invent the wheel! Thank you Mr. Meinert for putting forth in song what most family centered, freedom and fun loving souls around the planet feel; grateful to our protectors and hopeful for a peaceful someday." -- Chip D

"Thom... simply put "GREAT". Your 4 song cd is super. I didn't know what to expect, but after listening to them I think you have found your calling. I can't say enough about the lyrics, the music and of course the voice behind it all is tremendous. Good luck and God bless.I believe this is the start of something wonderful!!! ALL THE BEST," -- Ron T.

"Hi Thom! I just wanted to thank you for the CD! I just got a chance to listen to it all the way through, I love the new songs!!! Of course, I still love "Peaceful Someday". I hope things are going well for you, and I still wish you the best of luck. I hope you have a great 2007! -lovelovelove-" -- Emily J.

"Your songs are excellent! Thought you did a great job!" -- Mike Y.

"Great voice, knock down effect in the music world..." -- M.D.

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Thom, We Love Your Music, and Are BIG Fans! Cant' wait for your full CD to be completed. Love, Rob and Ashley, USA Fans

"Excellent voice, great music, strong beat, wow." -- Lorraine P.

"My grandma loved your voice!" -- Steve G.

"You're going to be great, keep on singing!" -- Mel D.

"I just wanted to tell you that your song is great! I found that each time I listened, the more my wife and I liked it." -- Craig H.

"CD will do well, once given the exposure." -- Tom L.

"Fantastic! Excellent! My whole car is filled with fantastic sounds. You have a special talent." -- Tom K.

"Wow dude! This one is absolutely superb! Great job. You're going to the top!" -- Mike and Jan B.

"Great voice, powerful..." -- Steve G.

"I love it!" -- Irene W.

"...a true rising star!" -- Harold L.

"My neighbor loves your song..." -- Steve B.